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Cyndi's Faces How We Got Started
face painting I wanted to be the cool mom. And I was, for a little while. My poor girls...they are my test subjects.
Cyndi's Faces was established in 2007. I have been an artist for some time but face/body painting is so much different. For one thing the canvas moves and is decidedly not flat. I knew if I wanted to be a good face painter I would need a lot of practice. So the first thing I did was get good face paints. The first type I got was Snazaroo. It is a great water based paint that is gentle, easy to remove and apply. Next I volunteered for everything I could. Every time we were invited to a get together, birthday, gathering or church event I brought my face paints. I did this for the first year. I would do gigs if I was hired to but I was completely unknown. I brought my face paints so often my husband finally asked me not to because he would like to be able to enjoy my company as well. But really this was invaluable experience. To be honest I also volunteered so much because I couldn't see my way to charging for something I wasn't proud of.

Face Painting A forever moving target.
face painting Body transformation through paint is one of the oldest forms of art. It has been around as long as human memory.

"Like Body painting, Face Painting is less an art, than an ancient craft which dates from the era of Paleolithic art and culture. Used primarily to identify important individuals (like tribal chiefs, shamans, and witch doctors), to denote the different genders and social classes, and to reflect military rank, the painting of faces was a common cultural practice in most parts of the world: see, for instance, American Indian art. Indeed, it survives in tribal art to this day in Africa, Asia, South America, parts of Australia and in some Pacific Islands of Oceania. Colour pigments used, include woad, charcoal, ochre, henna and annatto."

Excerpt taken from

But today's face and body painting has gone to unimagined lengths. Today's manufacturers of face paint have provided us artists with such vibrant, pigmented, brilliant colors that are easy to apply it is limited only by our imagination. There are of course practical reasons for face and body painting like camouflage or to protect the skin but our focus is the entertainment of changing who we are if only for a short time.

Face Painting Is it right for my event?
face painting I am asked this a lot. Really it comes down to whenever you would like to offer something new and different for the kids, or if you are wanting something different for your girls night out or need to make a real splash promotion.

I have and do go to events as common as birthdays, festivals, and reunions but I have also been invited to many religious events, concerts, New Year's Eve parties, even bars! I got to paint the Durham Goes Wild Event and turned a bunch of clubbers into wild animals for the night. So much fun. Face and body painting isn't just for the fair any more.

I guess I could answer the opposite to your question more easily. Somber events would seem unappropriate, funerals, memorials, etc. But other than that I can see where face painting could go with so many other events. Even events with water activities. We have special paints applied with an airbrush that has been a real hit at pool parties and water balloon fights. They are also great if you are worried they might sweat it off, for those really active kids. Now I don't have to cringe when I hear someone call out 'cannon ball'!

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